For Whom Do We Dress?

Quarantine is presenting me with some fashion issues?  Without my daily school run runway, I’m afraid my motivation to style my outfit is somewhat lacking. No-one is going to see it, appreciate it and applaud it. Whats the point?

I’ve always felt like fashion is my creative platform, that if I put together that outfit that makes my heart sing then I can conquer anything and achieve everything. You can see my dilemma.  I still have things I would like to get done that need me to be creative and motivated so why can’t I get out of my sweatshirts and leggings.On the other side of the ‘Stix’, Penny was spotted via Instagram, dancing in her garden in a beautiful dress whilst clearing out her garden shed!

I called her keen to talk this through. “Surely washing your denim shorts or your gorgeous cotton dress is the same thing” she said ‘ There’s no one occasion you can dress for in quarantine and you don’t know how you’re going to feel on the morning so just put on what you feel like wearing” .

Nodding in agreement I hung up, however, for me fashion shouts out how I’m feeling and my intention for the day…… far my sportswear is one rabbit hole I can’t seem to climb out of.  I blame my childhood (sorry mum) I was bought up in a world of play clothes and Sunday best and never the twain shall meet.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m painting a bleak scene of sports socks and slides but there is a flip side to my predicament.  I love my sportswear, these comfortable ensembles are multitasking and I’ve been productive if not prolific. The time I would take agonising over what to wear has instead been a time for reflection.

So to go back to my original question……..

These few weeks in lockdown have made me realise my at times obsessive routine and preparedness  is my foundation for taking on the day’s challenges.

The interaction, the people and the vibe and is a big thing for me,  it fuels my creativity and no amount of getting dressed up during lockdown is going to change that.

Until a semblance of normality is restored I’ll carry on wearing my much loved and much lived in leggings and saving dressing up for Instagram.

Leggings and yoga top Sweaty Betty


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