The Unsung Hero!

Grenson shoes, pink falke socks, Eileen Fisher brogues, Nike socks

‘The lowly sock’, unappreciated and undervalued? It’s one the few items in our wardrobe that is used time and time again BUT is so often an after thought or even worse a no thought at all. They seem to throw up many a question, quandary and fashion faux pas!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re no expert in the sock department we only share a great fondness for them and are firm believers where visible that they can make or break an outfit.  The exclamation mark to your fashion statement.
We think it’s time to re-evaluate your unloved sock drawer and make them your new style hero!
So here’s some of our styling ideas with the hope they will inspire you to take the plunge, revamp, colour coordinate and sing the praises of  your sock drawer.

First up the sock and trainer – in recent years it’s become cool to wear a comfortable trainer and sock. Like anything in fashion, opposites attract so add a trainer and sock to a smarter dress or better still trouser suit.

Yellow Nike socks with Grenson high tops

Next the gentlewomen’s sock and brogue for an androgynous yet feminine look.

Socks Falke and Loake brogues

The unexpected addition of a sports sock with a more formal shoe takes that smart look away from Sunday best and puts it firmly in the school run or supermarket camp.

Nike socks with Grenson shoe 

Nike socks with Loake brogues 

One last tip from us, perhaps our most daring of all, is to continue to wear sandals throughout all seasons and just add a sock. Using a stand out colour shows intention but if subtlety is more your vibe then choose a shade closest to your sandal.

Sandals Dr Martens socks Falke 

In summary here are our top tips for any future sock devotees:

Try to colour coordinate at least one other item that you’re wearing to your sock – this shows you mean business.
Brogues Eileen Fisher yellow Nike socks 

Always pull your sock up even with a chunky boot – it shows intention and not mishap.

Brogue boots Grenson socks Falke 

Yes you can wear white sports socks in fact you must!


Shoes Grenson white socks Nike

Sandals and socks – be brave make a statement or for the more subtle approach match a sock shade closest to your sandal.

Kitty clogs with Falke socks 

……and finally the most important tip of all have fun with your socks!

Both wearing Gucci socks with OpsandOps shoes


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