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In our quest to find the best slow fashion brands we were introduced to Alby from Woven the Agency.  She has considerable experience as a buyer of fashion and working with ethical and sustainable brands. So, in our view no one is better placed to launch the Woven Store online. Four seasonal collections that work alongside each other – how better to explain it than to use Alby’s own words, ‘4 edits, 4 seasons, 4 life!’


In the name of research (lucky us), we spent the day trying on and putting together outfits from her new Spring/Summer collection.

We share the same principles when choosing an outfit but have different styles, so there are no arguments when it comes to picking our favourites!

Penny: for me it was all about the gorgeous fabrics, flattering shapes and items that were super versatile. My base layer for all my chosen outfits was a white linen buttoned long sleeve from vicandbert.  To begin with, I styled it under this gorgeous silk jumpsuit. A dream to wear, with or without a layer.

And then under this shirt and with these jeans. I love the oversized jeans look, drawn in with a good belt. These jeans are the perfect waist height, and just the right amount of baggy!

When accessorising for summer, for me it’s a plain tan leather bag. I am not one for changing my bag with my outfit, so it needs to go with everything.

Nikki: I’d describe my style as workwear minimal. I like hardwearing fabrics, clean lines with a traditional feel. One of my favourite pieces is this Hannah Wessel dress. I love it’s versatility – the ties can be worn at the front or back, creating different looks. For me, it affords the perfect combination of function and elegance.

We’re huge advocates of sustainable fashion, and we think it’s important to ask #whomadeyourclothes. The biggest thing for us is to think before you buy – this way you’re less likely to throw an item to the back of your wardrobe, so buy less and wear more. At Woven Store the aim is to work with brands that embody and support the slow fashion ethos. ‘4  lifestyle edits’ that work seamlessly together, creating a beautiful, ‘less is more’ feel to your home and wardrobe.

To discover more, visit wovenstore.com.

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