No more excuses……

No more excuses! The days of mismatched black socks taking up valuable drawer space are gone. It’s time to rearrange and revamp your sock drawer, so consider this versatile pairing an important decision in pulling together your capsule wardrobe. Don’t hide these treasures in boots or under trousers – this is your time to embrace the chausette.

Where to start:

      Think about your existing wardrobe and what colours and styles will work:

  • Consider socks for all occasions, from walking the dog to a night out
  • If your sock journey is just beginning go for some neutrals, block colours (burgundy, khaki and denim blue) and subtle patterns
  • Line up your shoes – you will need different sock thickness and lengths to wear with trainers, brogues and boots

Here’s some more ideas on sock selection, style and outfit combinations.


Whether a brisk city walk or a country hill climb, comfort and warmth are key. An important sock choice for us – thick and long to tuck in your trousers, and believe it or not, colour is still a consideration even if Wilbur, Bear and Scout are the only admirers.

The Night Out

Pull out your favourite dress or outfit and pick out some socks that will complement your clothes or accessories. An opportunity to be a little more adventurous with your selection!


Thankfully, since lockdown, loungewear is not confined to the home. A great tip for selecting socks is to match them to your shoe colour. These green Marl socks are a perfect paring with Nikki’s fluffy slides.


Trainers are an everyday staple for us; even in winter, socks are always on show and need some thought. White trainers make for an easy pairing. A hint of orange in these socks pulls the whole outfit together.

A Working Day

There are occasions when the boys, dogs and muddy fields don’t feature in our day – an opportunity to wear a dress. If, like us, the thought of tights and a low hanging crotch are not for you, then give long socks a try. Keep to a subtle tone that works with your outfit.

Any time; Any place; Anywhere…

There aren’t any rules for the glitter sock, just add fun. Go ‘full on’ dress up or add a bit of sparkle to your everyday. We’re big fans, and every drawer should be home to a pair.

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Seasonal Trends & Changes

Change is afoot. The clocks are about to go back,  a morning chill and a layer or two required. It’s time for a seasonal change!

This time of year can leave us a little stumped by what to wear. It’s not quite cold enough to climb into  those boots, but it is time to pack away those high summer pieces – so what now? We decided to dip a toe into Autumn/Winter 2021 trends, reach out and see what the experts recommend.

Here’s what we found………

‘Thank the fashion gods’ – chunky oversized knits are in! Aren’t they every winter? Maybe it’s just us in the stix. From what we can tell, the chunkier the better, perfect for chilly autumnal mornings, no need for coats just yet.

Tartan and heritage check (now you’re talking our language), gorgeous rich warm colours; the only thing we like to do is turn the volume down when wearing day to day. A knit, simple denims or sportswear seem to be a good match. A difficult trend to carry off head to toe, although we’re sure  there are some that can.

Trouser suits – easier than you may think to wear to a casual coffee meet, school run or formal lunch date. For the ‘casual,’ add trainers and a tee; for the ‘formal’ add trainers and a tee……an all rounder, perfect for all occasions!

Baggy denims – we cannot stress enough the relief that high waisted denims have been replaced by a slouchier cut. We know high waisted is still lurking in the background, and they make your legs look like they go on forever, but for us they feel…….’tight!’
So, cheers to slouchy denim, from two mums with chocolate biscuit cravings, and who sometimes need that little extra room.

Y2K – we’re not going to lie, this is not a trend we were young enough to wear first time round! But for those of you that want to be in the know, see some visual inspiration below and don’t forget your trucker cap!

Faux fur, shearling, the fuzzier the better. It’s a good trend to wrap yourself in as the temps drop.  Big furs require a neat silhouette, and cropped shearling a baggier bottom! Leopard might feel brave, but pared down with denims and trainers it’s the perfect neutral.

Here’s to a glorious winter wardrobe – full of warm, fuzzy feelings x

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The Unsung Hero!

Grenson shoes, pink falke socks, Eileen Fisher brogues, Nike socks

‘The lowly sock’, unappreciated and undervalued? It’s one the few items in our wardrobe that is used time and time again BUT is so often an after thought or even worse a no thought at all. They seem to throw up many a question, quandary and fashion faux pas!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re no expert in the sock department we only share a great fondness for them and are firm believers where visible that they can make or break an outfit.  The exclamation mark to your fashion statement.
We think it’s time to re-evaluate your unloved sock drawer and make them your new style hero!
So here’s some of our styling ideas with the hope they will inspire you to take the plunge, revamp, colour coordinate and sing the praises of  your sock drawer.

First up the sock and trainer – in recent years it’s become cool to wear a comfortable trainer and sock. Like anything in fashion, opposites attract so add a trainer and sock to a smarter dress or better still trouser suit.

Yellow Nike socks with Grenson high tops

Next the gentlewomen’s sock and brogue for an androgynous yet feminine look.

Socks Falke and Loake brogues

The unexpected addition of a sports sock with a more formal shoe takes that smart look away from Sunday best and puts it firmly in the school run or supermarket camp.

Nike socks with Grenson shoe 

Nike socks with Loake brogues 

One last tip from us, perhaps our most daring of all, is to continue to wear sandals throughout all seasons and just add a sock. Using a stand out colour shows intention but if subtlety is more your vibe then choose a shade closest to your sandal.

Sandals Dr Martens socks Falke 

In summary here are our top tips for any future sock devotees:

Try to colour coordinate at least one other item that you’re wearing to your sock – this shows you mean business.
Brogues Eileen Fisher yellow Nike socks 

Always pull your sock up even with a chunky boot – it shows intention and not mishap.

Brogue boots Grenson socks Falke 

Yes you can wear white sports socks in fact you must!


Shoes Grenson white socks Nike

Sandals and socks – be brave make a statement or for the more subtle approach match a sock shade closest to your sandal.

Kitty clogs with Falke socks 

……and finally the most important tip of all have fun with your socks!

Both wearing Gucci socks with OpsandOps shoes


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In-betweenDays describes our second collection perfectly. Not just days but seasons,  with autumnal temperatures in January and storms in August who knows where we’re at!
We do we’re ‘In-betweenDays’

There’s no formula we keep it simple by choosing pieces that we love, pieces we can wear on our catwalk of choice – the school run – and our final rule of thumb – can it be worn with trainers – yes – then ‘Boom’ into the collection it goes.

The result is a wonderful eclectic vintage and preloved mix of both of our styles.

Let us introduce you to some of those wonderful pieces……..

The emerald skirt and blouse

She’s always stood out from the crowd, a statement, and the envy of all gatherings large and small.

The Cord Blazer 

 Formally a classic in a Geography teachers wardrobe it now holds its own and brings with a grounding sense of style.

The Hand-knitted Waistcoat 

Last seen in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ country this waistcoat was and still is the perfect stylish solution for those In-betweenDays.

The ‘Scandi’ inspired dress

‘This amazing print dress would never look out of place in a field with wellies or on a FROW’ said the Danish lady proudly.

The Fair Isle Jumper

A rare and valuable piece at this time of year. The lesser knitted fair isle jumper can be spotted in the Shetlands or on Etsy  or in our In-betweenDays collection.

Come join us tomorrow over on Instagram! These pieces and more will be going on sale on our stories from 8.30am.


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Sustainable Knitwear Directory

Every year (for us) our beautiful Autumn brings with it an element of surprise –  one minute we’re wearing our sandals and summer dresses and the next there’s frost on the car window and we’re half way through October.  Don’t get us wrong, this surprise is a good one, with it comes open fires, full bodied glasses of red, boots and cosy knitwear.

With temperatures dropping don’t despair, there is nothing better than a seasonal wardrobe switch up! Sorting through your jumpers and cardigans is like meeting an old friend, however if your knitwear has seen better days we’ve have put together a few of our favourite sustainable knitwear brands and why we love them………


Babaa is designed and made in Spain by local artisans. Using 100% natural yarns, their knits are produced with quality and longevity in mind. The best bit for us oversized obsessives, is that all their designs are oversized and made for comfort. Babaa.


Orwell + Austen

What we love about Orwell + Austen is that they  create and design pieces with lots of colour.  Whilst their knitwear is playful their commitment to the enviroment is not. Using natural yarns,  they work with local Nepalese artisans drawing on their skills and their traditional techniques. Orwell + Austen

Genevieve Sweeney

We first came across the lovely Genevieve Sweeney via Instagram. Not sure if it was her fabulous idea of her sock subscription (many a Christmas present dilemma solved) or her beautiful knitwear that caught our eye – we agree it was both. Made solely here in the UK her brand is a mix of traditional methods and modern design.  Her knits are block colours and muted tones with every piece finished by hand. Genevieve Sweeney  

The Make Shed

We are forever in awe of anyone who can create things as beautiful as The Make Shed does. They make and ethically source gorgeous things and even offer workshops from their small shed in Goudhurst The Make Shed


L’Envers is a knitwear brand born out of a passion for family heritage and a desire to launch a fashion brand that is slow and respectful with low impact to the environment. The result is beautiful knitwear made in a small family workshop in Spain. L’Envers


Jaggery London

We don’t claim to know where all our clothes have been made but we love finding new brands that tell a story about the journey our threads have taken before before they arrive in a box on our doorstep. Jaggery London is one of these brands. It’s gorgeous knitwear is ethically made in India and arrives on your doorstep beautiful wrapped in muslin with a note and a story. Jaggery London

Last but by no means least the many vintage and secondhand stores out there that offer mountains of knits from argyle sweaters to your very en trend  granny style cardigans. Here are some of our favourites x

Lila Vintage

Honeykins Vintage

The Goodfind Store

A Virtual Vintage Market

Revival Vintage

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For Whom Do We Dress?

Quarantine is presenting me with some fashion issues?  Without my daily school run runway, I’m afraid my motivation to style my outfit is somewhat lacking. No-one is going to see it, appreciate it and applaud it. Whats the point?

I’ve always felt like fashion is my creative platform, that if I put together that outfit that makes my heart sing then I can conquer anything and achieve everything. You can see my dilemma.  I still have things I would like to get done that need me to be creative and motivated so why can’t I get out of my sweatshirts and leggings.On the other side of the ‘Stix’, Penny was spotted via Instagram, dancing in her garden in a beautiful dress whilst clearing out her garden shed!

I called her keen to talk this through. “Surely washing your denim shorts or your gorgeous cotton dress is the same thing” she said ‘ There’s no one occasion you can dress for in quarantine and you don’t know how you’re going to feel on the morning so just put on what you feel like wearing” .

Nodding in agreement I hung up, however, for me fashion shouts out how I’m feeling and my intention for the day…… far my sportswear is one rabbit hole I can’t seem to climb out of.  I blame my childhood (sorry mum) I was bought up in a world of play clothes and Sunday best and never the twain shall meet.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m painting a bleak scene of sports socks and slides but there is a flip side to my predicament.  I love my sportswear, these comfortable ensembles are multitasking and I’ve been productive if not prolific. The time I would take agonising over what to wear has instead been a time for reflection.

So to go back to my original question……..

These few weeks in lockdown have made me realise my at times obsessive routine and preparedness  is my foundation for taking on the day’s challenges.

The interaction, the people and the vibe and is a big thing for me,  it fuels my creativity and no amount of getting dressed up during lockdown is going to change that.

Until a semblance of normality is restored I’ll carry on wearing my much loved and much lived in leggings and saving dressing up for Instagram.

Leggings and yoga top Sweaty Betty


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Woven Store

In our quest to find the best slow fashion brands we were introduced to Alby from Woven the Agency.  She has considerable experience as a buyer of fashion and working with ethical and sustainable brands. So, in our view no one is better placed to launch the Woven Store online. Four seasonal collections that work alongside each other – how better to explain it than to use Alby’s own words, ‘4 edits, 4 seasons, 4 life!’


In the name of research (lucky us), we spent the day trying on and putting together outfits from her new Spring/Summer collection.

We share the same principles when choosing an outfit but have different styles, so there are no arguments when it comes to picking our favourites!

Penny: for me it was all about the gorgeous fabrics, flattering shapes and items that were super versatile. My base layer for all my chosen outfits was a white linen buttoned long sleeve from vicandbert.  To begin with, I styled it under this gorgeous silk jumpsuit. A dream to wear, with or without a layer.

And then under this shirt and with these jeans. I love the oversized jeans look, drawn in with a good belt. These jeans are the perfect waist height, and just the right amount of baggy!

When accessorising for summer, for me it’s a plain tan leather bag. I am not one for changing my bag with my outfit, so it needs to go with everything.

Nikki: I’d describe my style as workwear minimal. I like hardwearing fabrics, clean lines with a traditional feel. One of my favourite pieces is this Hannah Wessel dress. I love it’s versatility – the ties can be worn at the front or back, creating different looks. For me, it affords the perfect combination of function and elegance.

We’re huge advocates of sustainable fashion, and we think it’s important to ask #whomadeyourclothes. The biggest thing for us is to think before you buy – this way you’re less likely to throw an item to the back of your wardrobe, so buy less and wear more. At Woven Store the aim is to work with brands that embody and support the slow fashion ethos. ‘4  lifestyle edits’ that work seamlessly together, creating a beautiful, ‘less is more’ feel to your home and wardrobe.

To discover more, visit

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Ideas on how to navigate your December wardrobe!


‘Tis the season…… panic (as most of us do) when it comes to your seasonal wardrobe. What do you wear on Christmas Day when cooking that turkey, to the school nativity, or the mums’ drinks that looks effortless and doesn’t resemble tinsel?

After much discussion our prerequisites are:

  1. Time is precious so plan and try on in advance of your night out.
  2. It’s still you but with added sparkle.
  3. Dont panic buy. Even when it’s reduced, unless its thought through and feels great, 9 times out of 10 it won’t work!
  4. Comfort is a must! Many an evening has been ruined by a torturous shoe and too tight a trouser.
  5. Layer Up – it might be practical advice, but there’s nothing worse than sitting at someone’s dinner table who’s warm blooded!

With the above in mind, here are some of the things that we’re going to be wearing throughout December.


The Statement Skirt

Just add a t-shirt or a knit to make it work for any occasion.

Penny wears skirt from Anthropologie


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The Boiler Suit

There’s no deliberation over which top and bottom – the best stylish time saver ever!

Nikki wears boiler suit from Spryworkwear


It’s winter! Investing in some faux fur is an easy way to add glamour whilst keeping warm.

Penny wears leather skirt from Finery London

The Fail-Safe

The one item in your wardrobe that is a ‘fail-safe’. It’s not fussy, the length is perfect and it falls just right, hiding and hugging all the right places.

Nikki wears dress from Ganni


Layering up in a luxurious fashion.

Penny wears dress from Lilou and velvet jacket form Warehouse



Finish off with some gorgeous lippy (his one’s from Trinny London) with sparkles and a squirt of your favourite perfume, and you’re good to go.

After all ’tis the season to be jolly and anything goes…… long as it’s got an elasticated waist!









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Out of my colour zone!


Is anyone else out there a serial navy or black wearer?

It’s fair to say, unless you’re Iris Apfel this season’s colour combinations may have sent you scurrying back to black. Turquoise and mustard; lilac and mustard; lilac and blue; and to top it all off, neon. 

Our winter wardrobe seems to follow the shorter days and more challenging weather. However much we covet those Instagram squares of colour that make us smile, we both still reach for our comfort blanket of navy/black. 

So, we took some time to examine our wardrobes, and decided to focus on pushing the boundaries of colour. 

For us, neon is a step too far (we were there first time around!), but in the words of that style icon Iris “Life is grey and dull; you might as well have a little fun when you dress”

So, is there something in the psychology of wearing colour? Does yellow really make you feel happier? Do you have a more optimistic, energetic and creative vibe when you wear orange, and is red symbolic of passion and power?

We’re not sure that wearing those colours evokes passion or optimism on our school run some winter mornings, but we have discovered dressing brighter (than your mood) can be uplifting and make you smile even on the dullest of days!



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