Out of my colour zone!


Is anyone else out there a serial navy or black wearer?

It’s fair to say, unless you’re Iris Apfel this season’s colour combinations may have sent you scurrying back to black. Turquoise and mustard; lilac and mustard; lilac and blue; and to top it all off, neon. 

Our winter wardrobe seems to follow the shorter days and more challenging weather. However much we covet those Instagram squares of colour that make us smile, we both still reach for our comfort blanket of navy/black. 

So, we took some time to examine our wardrobes, and decided to focus on pushing the boundaries of colour. 

For us, neon is a step too far (we were there first time around!), but in the words of that style icon Iris “Life is grey and dull; you might as well have a little fun when you dress”

So, is there something in the psychology of wearing colour? Does yellow really make you feel happier? Do you have a more optimistic, energetic and creative vibe when you wear orange, and is red symbolic of passion and power?

We’re not sure that wearing those colours evokes passion or optimism on our school run some winter mornings, but we have discovered dressing brighter (than your mood) can be uplifting and make you smile even on the dullest of days!



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